The RedSoX R&D project

Silicon drift detectors (SDD) of small dimensions (up to 1 cm²) have been successfully employed in X-ray spectroscopy due to their small anode geometry, which allows to minimize the electronic noise due to the readout device. Many applications, however, require large sensitive areas to be covered (e.g. X-ray astronomy), so that these detectors are effectively impractical.

The ReDSoX project is aimed to:

  • the development large surface Silicon Drift Detectors for X-ray astrophysics
  • the evolution of the SDD technology in collaboration with FBK CMM Trento
  • the development of high energy resolution detectors for soft X-rays
  • the development of detectors for Advanced Light Sources

4th ReDSoX Meeting

Large Area Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD)

Large area (~30 cm²) SDD designed, manufactured and tested in collaboration between INFN, INAF and FBK, in the framework of the XDXL R&D program of INFN.